Saturday, December 22, 2007

stocking stuffers

as the proud owner of the 120-pack of crayons (with crayon-shaped sharpener), i'm not ashamed to confess my long-standing love affair with coloring. since starting at the preschool, the flames have been rekindled - in fact, i might just go out and buy a new barbie coloring book. that would, at least, give me something to do in buffalo. something aside from drinking. or to accompany the drinking... hmmm...

i used "pink flamingo" and "meadow green" to decorate my stocking. here's our list:

camry door handle
new wardrobes
tailor for one year
"magical water car"
good health insurance
mac book pro
personal trainer

is that really so much to ask for?

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

I appreciate the "not too much" nature of your list - I mean, some people would just ask for a million, or 10, but $100,000 is very practical and not too greedy, and wouldn't be too bulky to fit in a stocking....