Monday, June 23, 2008

george carlin

r.i.p. dude

belle hearts popcorn

i popped up some popcorn this afternoon, and this is belle's reaction. oh yes.

365 project

like i need one more thing to do.

the latest photojojo newsletter inspired me. i have a good feeling about this year. and i like taking pictures anyway. win win win.

hannah's 365 project here

add it to your list of time wasters.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

blue ridge wine tour

we spent this past weekend living large in the mountains of virginia. we joined forces with the dicamillos and the wengers for a few days of beer, monopoly, long windy drives, gorgeous views, cigars, and hanging out. we learned that joel's dream career is "international man of mystery" and that most of us did not play sports in high school - brian made up for all of us by playing three. one big bag of coffee, two cases of sam, and three pounds of salmon later, we didn't do our immune systems any favors, and i think half of showed our age and came down with something immediately upon returning home. but here are some shots.

the view from our cabin

seriously bad ass

heading out for the first day of the tour

yummy cider


after the first day of tasting

and then there was monopoly

"i'll give you all my property for a dollar"
(never have there been more serious fighting words)

amrhein winery on day two - all around favorite with
a band, great food, awesome wine

cute dog at amrhein

the carters

shooting creek brewery - no beer, but delicious ginger beer

bocce at villa appalacchia winery

there are more shots for your viewing pleasure on my shutterfly page

Sunday, June 8, 2008

hello weather

so, here's what was going on in greensboro two saturdays ago:

freak hail storm

huge hail

the result

last pepper standing

and, this is what we had this weekend. granted, the thermometer is in direct sun around 4pm when this was taken, but damn.

but, you're right. global warming's all politics.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

phone hatred

i'm going to punch my cell phone in the face. i've had it.

it can't hold a charge to save its little life. even on vibrate, the descending beedle-boop announces to anyone in a 50-foot radius that my phone needs to be plugged in. you can hear it over choir rehearsal. and my preschool class.

when i hear the "new voicemail" chirp in the silent aftermath of an apparently-your-house-is-a-black-hole-of-no-reception missed call, obscenities that would embarrass pirates spew from my lips. and scare the dog.

"hey hannah! it's kkkkkkktskkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk the car on the way to the kkkkkkksfsdskkkkkkkkkkkk"

"what? what? hang on, i can't hear you."

"kkkkkkkkkkkk now? is this shhhhhkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkffffffsskkkkkkkkk anything?"

"no, i still... hello? hello? UHHHHHHH you've got to be fu-" as i hang up.