Tuesday, December 4, 2007

must be the leaves

you know that game kids like to play where they'll hide behind their mom's back and she'll say things like, "where's elijah? i know he came in with me, but now i can't find him. have you guys seen him?" cute, right? and hilarious to elijah, who does it every morning when he's dropped off at school, and all the kids who shout, "HE'S BEHIND YOU! HE'S BEHIND YOUR BACK!!"

now, imagine that same game with me and five four-year-olds. there's no way they're actually concealing themselves back there (i can actually see the cluster curving around one side), and when i shuffle around to look for them, their group breaks apart and they laugh loud enough to momentarily distract the kids sliding into the leaf pile. and this goes on for five solid minutes.

and this is why my job is awesome.

here's me and ben.

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