Saturday, December 1, 2007

NovemberFest 2007: the aftermath

i guess "aftermath" isn't really the right word. but i figured our fans (hahaha) would want an update after all the hype.

the final standings:

champion supreme - the hop happy "hocks"

first loser - liberal lager lovers

flashbrew champion - the sudsy balls
flip cup individual champ - the sudsy balls

flip cup:
1st place - the sudsy balls
2nd place - the red stripes

3rd place - the hop happy "hocks"

beer pong:
1st place - liberal lager lovers
2nd place - the hop happy "hocks"
3rd place - the downtown browns


1st place - the hop happy "hocks"
2nd place - liberal lager lovers
3rd place - the downtown browns

it's sad, but true that the red stripes didn't even win one event. looks like we'll need to some additional training for next year. our uniforms were pretty sweet though.

gotta give props to the downtown browns and the non-competing chuggs of fury for their invaluable contributions (of yelling, swearing, and hysterical fits of laughter).

want more pictures? check it out.

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