Monday, December 10, 2007

you should watch this movie.

This is a very fascinating, fact-filled, question-laden film about our country. It focuses on 3 basic topics: reiligion, 9/11, and $$$.

I know that there are plenty of folks who will find at least something offensive in there, but I promise, that if viewed with an open minded, "that's certainly plausible" point of view, it might alter your view of our country and its leaders.


I've been thinking some more after finishing this film. While some of the facts presented are probably dubious at best, I think that this movie does a great job pointing out the holes and problems with some of these major events. It's the whole idea that while we may not be able to prove some of the claims made here or by Michael Moore in his movies, the U.S. Government and the folks involved haven't done much to disprove this stuff. For me, the simple fact that these conspiracy ideas are so convincing and plausible is worrisome enough. It reminds me of a scene from HBO's Carnivale where the boss is confronted by a local sheriff, and he claims that he is running a legit operation. The sheriff replies that he's "never once heard an honest man use the word legit." I feel like George Bush and his administration have been using the word legit a whole lot. They don't say legit, of course, they say things like terrorists, and weapons of mass destruction, and insurgency, and the war on terror, etc., etc., etc.

anyways - watch the movie - draw your own conclusions - ask your own questions.

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