Friday, May 30, 2008

one year down

things i’ve learning this year:

repeating yourself is less obnoxious when the people not listening are kids.

talking to children like they’re actual people yields a far better response than talking to them the way you talk to your puppy.

diaper/potty duty is a lot less scary than I originally imagined.

preschool performances are way more impressive than community theater performances. and about a million times more satisfying.

i am awesome with kids.

a well-timed “time out” produces a short bout of tears, a genuine apology, and an end to the foul behavior.

some kids like “time out.” some kids are sneaky jerks.

kids think coffee smells disgusting. they’re also quick to tell you if you have coffee breath.

i’m good at photographing children. i adore photographing children.

i can’t wait to have my own children.

generally sucky parents beget generally sucky kids.

churches resent outsiders - even education-based, child-centered, rent-paying ones.

a good sense of humor goes a long way (though i guess i already knew that).

five year olds are some of the most creative, articulate people i’ve ever met.

never underestimate the power of your response - or lack thereof.

you can’t and shouldn’t be everyone’s friend.

don’t let anyone tell you your music class is unstructured. because it’s not.

not every child wants to sing and dance. and that’s okay. there is a reason, and it’s probably not me.

don’t wear nice clothes to school. any number of things can (and will) happen.

teaching preschool makes me very, very happy.

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Careyanne Deyo said...

well said Ms. Hannah!