Monday, May 12, 2008

Global Warming

The recent disasters in China and Myanmar, combined with my personal feelings/opinions about global warming have made me want to share my thoughts with you!

I happen to believe that humans, especially ones in developed, industrialized nations, are the cause of global warming.

The following video presents what I believe to be a really sound way to think about global warming:

You can also visit this link:
Once there, you'll find the video's home, which contains links to tons of other videos that deal with questions that may arise after viewing the above video.

Also, Hannah and I cannot be the only ones who are concerned with the rising fuel prices. We both really think that everyone needs to start thinking about what is going to happen when gas prices make their way to $7.00/gallon. So, maybe we can all think more carefully about what our impact is on the environment, and how we can make changes to our habits to counteract the damaging effect that we are having on the planet...

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