Monday, October 29, 2007

in-depth article

I found this article in GQ Magazine about Brian's beer. Check it out!
GQ: So! Beer, huh? How's it going?

Brian Carter: Woohoo! Home brew!

GQ: Uh okay. How's it going? How's the BEER going?

BC: The beer's ready. I'm drinking it right now.

GQ: Well, holy shit. Now, I know the bottles are supposed to sit for something like 2 weeks, right? How long has it been and how do you feel about the results?

BC: The recommended bottle conditioning time is one to two weeks. It's been eight days. Ummm, I'm really impatient when it comes to homemade alcoholic beverages.

GQ: Of course, of course. Has the carbonation problem sort of taken care of itself? We heard there was... gushing.

BC: That's right. The bottle I opened after three days at room temperature exploded on me a little bit. After some reading, I figured out that the temperature was a factor, and refrigeration solved that problem. Ale yeast works at a very specific temperature, and the colder conditions rendered the yeast inactive.

GQ: And how's the color? How's the head?

BC: Color's perfect - exactly how an amber ale should look. Head's perfect - head retention is what's really important, and it's a nice, light, tightly-packed, bubbly head, which is what you're looking for.

GQ: Rock on brother. What's next on the horizon?

BC: My brewing partner and I have been talking about making a brown ale.

GQ: Kinky!

BC: Given that the temps have been dropping, we figured a darker brew is in order. GFY, on the kinky.

GQ: Good for me!

BC: Uh, no. The other one.

GQ: This interview is over. Give me a beer.

BC: [laughs. drinks.]


Shana said...

i think you are just a little obsessed. i went to a great brewery in washington d.c. this weekend with my friends & had their seasonal. we also got the sampler. sorry i couldn't share some with you.

Darth Larry said...

wow. you guys are insane.