Tuesday, October 23, 2007

breach of beer

the seal has been breached! someone busted open a three-day old bottle of home-brew.

and i think they
tasted it.

item #1: the bottle
notice the bent cap, which is clearly labeled "#1," and the bottle, completely devoid of BEER

item #2: the case
notice anything? something MISSING??

there is one suspect in custody.
SOMEone may have some explaining to do...


nd said...

And how was it? I have to know since this is the real reason I'm flying to NC over Thanksgiving. :)

Brian and Hannah said...

In my defense - there was something floating in the beer - something that was not yeast, barley, hops, or water. I didn't see fit to allow that bottle to reach adulthood.

It doesn't taste excellent yet, as the yeast has not settled down. So, it tasted like a slightly over-carbonated, yeasty beer at the moment. It's supposed to age in the bottles for at least 1-2 weeks, and I only waited 3 days...

jessi said...

i'm lovin this blog already! :)