Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So, you want to be a doctor, eh?

I thought that I'd post some reflections after the first few weeks of being a new doctoral student whilst being a new faculty person at the same time.

* I have never practiced this much in my life.
* I have never had to practice more efficiently in my life.
* (most)College students actually take you seriously if you know what you are talking about.
* Even the easy 600-level classes are not very easy.
* Have I mentioned that I have been practicing a lot?
* I knew that I loved coffee before - but it has never felt so necessary!
* 8:45am rehearsal is evil. Undergrads are just not very alert at that hour.

I basically just feel tired all the time now. Having to jet back and forth across town all the time to be present at two schools has its annoyances. I constantly feel like I am a bag-man, except with a cello, which is heavier.

I do, however, love the challenges that have been set before me, and I am really enjoying the whole school process again. I feel like I have a lot more control over my life this time around - which was not the case when I got my Masters.

Well, I think that I should be practicing right now...

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