Thursday, July 31, 2008

old school

best mix cd i ever made. circa 2000.

i got a girl (tripping daisy)
talk show host (radiohead)
big bang baby (stone temple pilots)
undone - the sweater song (weezer)
angry johnny (poe)
possum kingdom (the toadies)
say it ain't so (weezer)
the way (fastball)
bulls on parade (rage against the machine)
the perfect drug (nine inch nails)
superman's dead (our lady peace)
inside out (eve 6)
i don't like the drugs, but the drugs like me (marilyn manson)
familiar (incubus)
paranoid android (radiohead)
song 2 (blur)
i'm afraid of americans (david bowie feat. trent reznor)

let me know if you want a copy. :D


sean coon said...

seriously? ;-)

Our Green Nest said...

Some good ones :)...Did u try Enviromom's garbanzos? We were going to this wknd too but didn't get around to it...let me know how they were!