Thursday, January 31, 2008


So, I am an avid NPR-listener. Every week, they usually read some letters/emails from listeners who found something or other to be offensive, blah blah blah. Until today, I had never been personally offended by anything that I had heard on NPR.

On my way home from the bakery, I heard the Senator from South Carolina answering questions about a book he had recently written. The book is basically about how putting an end to legalized abortions is a matter of national interest, and how abortions are having a negative effect on the welfare of our country.

He also fielded a question about his views on homosexuality. Here are some quotes:
"...the average cost of an AIDS patient is about $200,000 - statistics show that 50% of all sexually transmitted diseases occur amongst homosexuals. The costs associated with the treatment of those diseases is a major burden on the pocketbooks and wallets of the American people."

"I don't see how it's right to teach our children about Homosexuality, when it is known to be a destructive behavior."

Okay, buddy... first of all, if the statistics show that 50% of all STD's are a result of homosexual behavior, then it's half-and-half. That means that you're no less likely to get one if you are heterosexual. So, I guess if we follow his logic, being straight is just as wrong and damaging and immoral as being gay.

Also, since when is homosexuality a proven damaging behavior? Damaging to whom?

I really hate knowing that closed-minded, prejudicial people like this are in roles of power in our country. These are the same dumb-asses who decided that the electric car should be taken out of production.

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